What happened to Denim Is Dead?

We’re not going to lie, we have had a good beating over the passed years. The start in 2010 was amazing! We grew steady and quick and couldn’t really handle it the first time around.


The denim market was different in 2010 and we had a clear shot at being the progressive alternative on a dead market. We took it and three amazing years passed but we couldnt handle the hype. Now we are taking back a lot of the young spirit to get back on top with a solid crew and a new found passion as we have more to fight for now than ever.

We have had to take a step back to realize that our purpose was lost a while back and, since then, we have been biding our time, trying to find it. we’re eager to take place once again and grab whats rightfully ours. Brands are nothing more than what others agree that it is and our moral becomes our currency, our mission the reason we exist.


Hope you’re keen to join us in our pursuit to make sense again.

Proud to be true

Our statement to stay true and to educate while we build a brand constantly in motion means we say NO to self-proclaimed genius, false storytelling and fake values. We are loyal to the product we sell, the concept we work with and our community.


Denim Is Dead is open for pretty much anything within the values of the brand. We don’t limit ourselves to a certain vibe and are welcoming innovation and new ideas. This includes having guest contributors by all means. Be it prints, photographers or young designers.